:: On-Line PC Repair - Setup Guide

On-Line PC Repair - Setup Guide

On-Line PC Repair - Setup Guide

How It Works:

Using a program called TeamViewer will allow us to 'Login' to your computer remotely from our office computer and co-pilot your keyboard and mouse using the internet. This allows convenience as we can service your computer without having to physically go to your home or office and you don't have to worry about unplugging wires or moving your computer to have it repaired. Below is an easy to follow three-step guide to enabling and setting up your computer to use the TeamViewer program. Please read it before ordering our service.

TeamViewer is a safe and secure method of remote computer assistance. The TeamViewer program does not require installation. Only PC Doctor technicians will have access to your computer while the TeamViewer program is running.

If you have any questions about setting up your computer for Remote Assistance, please Contact Us.

There are a few requirements to use the TeamViewer Remote Assistance Program:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 Operating System
  • PC must be able to boot into Windows
  • A working high speed internet connection (Cable or DSL)

    (If you cannot meet these requirements or are having hardware issues please Contact Us and we can perform On-Site repair service if you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio / Tri-State Area.)

Remote Assistance - PC Setup:

Step 1: Download the TeamViewer Remote Assistance program.

Step 2: Run the TeamViewer program and note ID/Password.

    1. Click Run to start the TeamViewer program. (It may take a moment for TeamViewer to start, as it checks your system and internet connection etc.)

      Run the Download

    2. There is no installation! Once you run TeamViewer, you will see the screen below and you are then setup to receive a remote assistance connection from us. In the TeamViewer display is a randomly generated ID number and Password. Please make a note of these.

      Note TeamViewer ID and Password

    3. Leave the TeamViewer program running until we complete your repair. We will let you know when we are finished, and then you can simply close the TeamViewer program and Remote Assistance will be terminated. No uninstallation needed!

Step 3: Place your Remote Assistance Computer Repair Service order.

    1. Go to the Remote Assistance Computer Repair Service page on our website.

    2. Enter the TeamViewer ID and Password as noted above in the appropriate fields on the order page. Also enter your preferred Method of Contact so we can contact you concerning your computer repair. Then Add to Cart and proceed with your order. During Checkout, you can enter a description of your computer problem in the Customer Notes section.

    3. When we receive your order, we will assume you have successfully started the TeamViewer program and you are ready for remote assistance. We will contact you to schedule a time to repair your PC, usually within hours. Our technician will then attempt to connect to your computer and complete the repair. We will contact you to confirm your satisfaction of the repair. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.