:: PS3 / Xbox 360 Maintenance Guide

PS3 / Xbox 360 Maintenance Guide

PS3 / Xbox 360 Maintenance Guide

UPDATE: Worried about your PS3 overheating? Take a look at our new product - PS3 ezChill - YLOD/Overheating Prevention for Your PS3. The PS3 ezChill is a plug-and-play addon which allows manual control of the internal fan speed. Using the PS3 ezChill will lower the internal temperature of the PS3 from 20-30 degrees or more! Needless to say, this allows the console to run much cooler and prevents YLOD and other Overheating problems! The PS3 ezChill is available as a Do-It-Yourself kit - or we also provide Installation Services, or if your PS3 has already failed from YLOD - we can install an ezChill while we Repair Your PS3.

PS3 ezChill Kit

PS3 ezChill Installation Service

PS3 Repair Service w/ PS3 ezChill Installation

How to properly care for and maintain your Video Game System:

Always remember, the #1 cause of system failure is HEAT. This includes the PS3's YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) and Xbox 360's RROD (Red Ring of Death). Any way that you can help keep your console running cooler will help prolong the life of the system and avoid failure. Here are some strong recommendations on how to keep your system running cool and in optimal condition:

  • Dust Removal: One big reason why PS3's and Xbox 360's start running hotter is because of dust collecting inside them. When dust blocks the vents, hot air cannot get out. To remove dust, first unplug your system, then buy some dust removal spray 'air in a can' and spray the air intake and exhaust vents along the sides of your system. Do this every month or so, depending on how dusty your house is. Just be careful with the air can, keep it level, if you tilt it too far, some of the chemical inside can spray out. Alternatively, you could use an air compressor to blow the dust out. An air compressor would be preferred as it can blow much harder than a can of air. (A tire inflater compressor will not work - it won't generate enough pressure).

  • Placement: So how do you keep dust out of the system? Well, you can't keep it out 100%, dust is everywhere. But, one HUGE help is DON'T place your system on the floor! Put it up on an open shelf. By keeping it up at least 3-4 feet off the floor this will allow 75% less dust into the system. The ideal place to set up your game system would be on an open shelf, with at least 8" of open space on each side, so it can properly 'breathe'. Don't set it next to other devices that are generating heat such as your TV or another console. And definitely DO NOT block the air vents on the sides of the system. Also if you have a 1-2 inch thick book that is about the same size as the bottom of your system, put it under the console, this will lift it up and allow more air to flow to the vents at the bottom of the system. If you have an entertainment center with doors, DO NOT put your system in it - the heat and hot air will have nowhere to go! Put your system on the top shelf instead so it will have maximum breathing room.

  • Cooling: A lot of people ask about the third party external fans for the PS3 and Xbox 360. These fans DO NOT help - and some can actually hurt the PS3 further! The internal fan is more than capable to move enough air - except it simply doesn't spin fast enough. This is where the PS3 ezChill comes in - it gives manual control of the internal fan so you can speed it up to move that hot air out of the console. We have been using the PS3 ezChill in our repairs for over a year now, and we have had 100% success in using it! Purchase a self install kit, or have us Professionally Install the ezChill for you, or if your PS3 has already broken from YLOD/overheating, we can provide PS3 Repair Service w/ ezChill Installation - You won't be disappointed! After you have a PS3 ezChill installed, place your PS3 in a well ventilated area so the air can exhaust properly (ie on a nice open shelf, not in an enclosed space or up against walls or other systems etc.) If you already have an external fan accessory - do yourself (and your PS3!) a favor and remove it - You'll see why once the PS3 ezChill is in action!

  • Warm Front: Another consideration is the temperature of the room your system is in. If it is hot outside or hot in your room, then your system will run exponentially hotter. So if you can open windows or run an air conditioner to lower the temperature, your system will also run cooler.

  • Fragile: If you are going to move your system after you've been using it, turn it off and allow it to cool for 10 minutes first. This will allow all the internal components to cool down and prevent any microscopic circuit damage. Be gentle with the system, it is quite fragile.

  • Tips and Tricks: Another tip to help prolong the life of your favorite system is to make sure you clean your game and movie discs before inserting them. A dirty disc will make the laser in your system draw more power and work harder which in turn can have an effect on heat and the life of the laser. If you use a dry lint-free cloth with glasses cleaner you will improve the performance of your system. Then be sure to insert the disc gently and let the system boot, it will then pull the disc in automatically.

Basically, be sure to blow the dust from the system occasionally, be careful with it, and the biggest thing is install a PS3 ezChill to keep it cool. Place it in an open area, away from things generating heat, to give it room to take in cool air and exhaust hot air. Don't put it in an enclosed shelf, be careful if the room is hot (if it's hot outside) and if possible, point a fan at it, or run an air conditioner.

So you've just received your newly repaired PS3 or Xbox 360 back from PC Doctor ( and it's working great! How can you help make sure that it doesn't break down again? Warranty guidelines require reading and following these recommendations to help ensure you will be enjoying your game system for a long time to come!

These suggestions are also preventative maintenance, you should do these things as soon as you buy your system, don't wait until it starts acting up! Following these suggestions will dramatically affect the life of your system.