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PS3 EZ Chill Fan Mod Kit - Prevent YLOD Overheating :: Playstation 3 :: :: Playstation 3 :: PS3 EZ Chill Fan Mod Kit - Prevent YLOD Overheating

PS3 EZ Chill Fan Mod Kit - Prevent YLOD Overheating

PS3 EZ Chill Fan Mod Kit - Prevent YLOD Overheating

PS3 EZ Chill Fan Mod Kit - Prevent YLOD Overheating
PS3 ezChill - Prevent YLOD Yellow Light of Death PS3 ezChill - Prevent Playstation 3 Overheating PS3 E-Z Chill - Internal Hidden Control
Our price: $24.95

This version of the PS3 EZ Chill features a hidden speed control module which mounts internally, but adjusts externally using a small screwdriver thru the front vent holes.

What is the PS3 EZ Chill?

The PS3 EZ Chill is a plug-n-play add-on for the Playstation 3 that helps prevent the YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death) and other overheating problems by controlling fan airflow and decreasing internal temps.


  • Prevent PS3 YLOD and Overheating Failure
  • Adjustable Fan Speed Controller
  • Drop Internal System Temps by 25-30 Degrees or More
  • Easy Plug-n-Play Installation - No Soldering!
  • All Internal Design - No Cutting or Drilling Required
  • Safe, Reliable Operation

Installation of the PS3 EZ Chill

The PS3 EZ Chill was designed to be easy to install and use. Once you've opened your PS3, simply connect the PS3 ezChill between the fan and the mainboard. Unplug the fan, connect the ezChill to the fan port, and connect the fan to the ezChill. Then adjust the fan speed for optimum cooling efficiency.

Click Here for PS3 ezChill Installation Tutorials

How The PS3 ezChill Works

The Fan Speed Control Module is mounted in the front vent holes of the PS3. A thin screwdriver is used to adjust the Control Module thru the vent holes without re-opening the system. Increasing the fan speed allows a higher constant airflow, which keeps the system as cool as possible and prevents the PS3 from ever reaching temperatures that can cause internal damage to the system.

Supported Systems

The PS3 ezChill is compatible with ALL models of the PS3, both Fat and Slim versions. Mounting the Fan Speed Control Module is not required, but it will directly screw into the front vent holes of the Fat model PS3's. To mount the Control Module in a Slim model - you will need to make three small 4mm holes - two for the screws, and one for the adjustment tool. (You don't have to control externally though.)

Professional Installation

Don't have the tools or time to install the PS3 ezChill yourself? Order our Installation Service and have the PS3 ezChill Professionally Installed for you - quickly and efficiently! Service also includes complete system cleaning, refurbishing and application of high quality Arctic Silver Thermal Compound.

What Causes The Yellow Light Of Death (YLOD)?

Heat. We all know that the Playstation 3 runs extremely hot. Normally the internal cooling fan is controlled by a temperature sensor - as the system gets warmer, the system fan speeds up - and when the system cools down, the fan slows down. This sounds great - however, this constant fluctuation in temperature is what causes the internal components to fail over time. Eventually, the sensor loses it's precision, and these fluctuations cause microscopic cracks in the solder joints. By using the PS3 ezChill, the cooling fan is set to one constant rate thus never letting the PS3 reach the high temperatures that cause these overheating issues.

Why Do I Need This?

If your PS3 has been repaired from YLOD failure, there is a 95% chance it will fail again within a year - unless you install the PS3 ezChill now! We have performed significant research into long term effects of using the PS3 ezChill and we have seen temperatures decrease an average of 20-30 degrees using a ~50% fan speed setting. This could literally be the difference between years rather than months of continued system operation!

Haven't had any PS3 overheating issues (yet)?  Why take a chance? The PS3 ezChill can be installed as preventative maintenance to avoid ever having YLOD or other overheating problems. If your Sony one year warranty is over, you have nothing to lose!

Enjoy your PS3 worry-free for years to come - for less than the cost of a single PS3 game!


Opening your PS3 to perform installation will invalidate the warranty (Sony PS3 warranty is only one year - if you're suffering from YLOD and overheating issues your PS3 is likely out of warranty already). This is a Do-It-Yourself mod - will not be held responsible for damage caused by improper installation or use of this product. Please use our Professional Installation or Repair Services if you don't have the tools or time to perform installation yourself.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Andrew M.
    My PS3 had a HDMI port that was broken. It was loose inside the port and it was a bit cracked. Greg really did a number on this. It looks BRAND NEW. I did buy it in great condition and the warranty sticker intact, but still. He really put the hours in to fix this HDMI. He had to run a whole new cord, drill a hole, move things around, make it look just so clean, and everything. The noise to effectiveness ratio for the EZ chill is PERFECT. It runs cool. NO dust. Shiny. Just a real quality job done here. He is the only guy that can put a fan controller on a PS3 and do other quality work. I guess I forgot to say I can run through HDMI perfectly. Such a custom job here with what he did. Even paid attention to little detail like a hinge on the card slot. Wow. Amazing communication as well. Real professional and personable. Quick as well. Really cares. I can't say enough, lol. Thank you.
  • Author: Clint H
    I had an almost opposite issue in that my PS3 had already suffered from a YLOD - sent it off to local Sony repair and it worked again. Only the fan would go straight to maximum (jet engine) speed after 1-2 mins. I checked the thermal paste was applied properly, and all was good in that regard, so I assume the process of fixing YLOD resulted in a damaged temperature gauge from the CPU/GPU. (it was largely blowing cold air out the back). So just installed this mod and set it to a constant, but less annoying speed and haven't looked back. May get a few more years out of the first gen PS3.
  • Author: Kevin
    I ordered the EZ-Chill and installed it myself. I've fixed the YLOD twice on my first gen. PS3. With the EZ-Chill I wont ever have to worry about the YLOD again! Thanks PC Doctor!
  • Author: Weelian
    My PS3 is the 3rd generation fat 40GB
    economy priced version and it has served me well over the years. I got
    my PS3 in December 2007, and I'm a medium level user, it actually went
    into YLOD and I purchased a heat gun just to do the YLOD repair. As I
    transported my PS3 on my scooter over a couple of occasions, I think
    the hard drive died from excessive vibrations. I replaced the hard
    drive and it worked for a short while, then it went into permanent
    YLOD. Afer performing the heat gun and thermal paste fix, it sort of
    worked but for 15 minutes at a time. It took about 15 on and off
    attempts to restart before the PS3 went dead again. Researching online,
    I found Greg's ezChill solution. I don't have skills to build the fan controller, so I decided to buy one and try the EZ chill out. It worked when I installed it but it did not revive my PS3 at first. I redid my reflow fix again, but this time more aggressively and I screwed down the metal panel tightly to sandwich the motherboard tightly, ensuring a tight fit and contact on the important hot components. Turned on the switch with the Ez chil controlled fan blasting away, my old PS3 restarted easily the 1st time.
    Ran Life Folding@home for 5 hours nonstop, played an hour of Red Ded
    and several hours GTA4 without it resetting or crashing.

    Impressive to say the least! I have revived my 4 and a half year old PS3! This is truly an ingenious and great product! All PS3s should have one!!!
  • Author: Ryan
    This controller has to be the easiest mod for keeping your PS3 cool. I have temp sensors installed in my PS3 and when I turn the fan speed up it cools the whole system down very quickly. Just leaving it on the lowest setting keeps my system (20 gig model) at a good operating temp unless its hot and humid.

    One note: the lowest setting is not completely "low". It is a little faster than a stock PS3 console - which is probably a good thing so you don't actually turn the fan down too low when the system is hot.

    I give it a 5 STAR review. It works perfect and was a piece of cake to install.
  • Author: Blumer78
    I ordered my ezChill fan for my PS3 just due to the fact that it got hot lots of times, but i was lucky not to get the YLOD. Now i keep it at about 60% fan power and it stays nice and cool. Even the air coming out the back stays cool enough its almost like an air conditioner.
  • Author: jhein99
    Have a fat ps3 stock thermal paste Cpu was running 84 Celsius and RSX was 70 Celsius installed ez chill running about 40% fan sped now cpu is 52 rsx is 47! Temp even stays the same after four hours game play - I didn't even change thermal paste great product
  • Author: Travis
    Not sure what's going on but the Fan Speed keeps changing don't know why. I'll update this once I figure out what's going on.
    EDIT: Sorry, Travis was duped into a counterfeit kit - PLEASE be sure to only purchase your EZ Chill from or an Authorized Reseller on!!
  • Author: Max
    The item works perfectly & is keeping my PS3 cool!
  • Author: HelioT.JP
    Excellent, item works perfect and keeping my PS3 Fat 20GB cool , very fast shipping to Japan, thank you very much!